We have a wonderful historic building available weekends and weekdays for parties, business meetings and other events.  There is a large hall with hardwood floors (great for dancing), stage, fenced parking lot and a large newly remodeled commercial type kitchen.


Select the “Calendar” tab from the above menu bar for weekend availability.  For more information on all reservations, please contact the Canoga Park Women’s Club at any of the addresses below:

7401 Jordan Ave
P.O. Box 66
Canoga Park, CA 91305-0066


House Rules:

1.  Occupancy of the building is limited to no more then 200 persons.  For your comfort, maximum sitting is limited to 180 persons.

2.  Renter shall keep and maintain the premises in a clean and sanitary condition.

3.  All parties must have one to two security guards, based on occupancy.

4.  All parties must hire a cleaning service.  The Canoga Park Women’s Club has final approval on service used.

5.  Failure to pay rent or other charges promptly when due, or comply with the rules, will terminate any signed rental agreement.

6.  A refundable security deposit will be required prior to the event. Renter will be responsible for full cost of repair or damage to the Clubhouse or its furnishings and replacement of any theft during occupancy of the building.  If the cost of repair and/or replacement of missing or damaged property exceeds the value of the security deposit, Renter shall be responsible for the difference.

7.  Any accident or injury will be the responsibility of the persons or organization renting the building.

8.  Permission to use or move piano must be granted by CPWC.  No food or drinks on the stage.

9.  Band shall stop playing by 11:30 pm and an amplified band shall play at a normal range (not to exceed +75dB).  No music or other noise outside the building.  Indoor music may not be audible beyond parking lot.  All doors and windows must be kept closed.

10.  All windows, doors and gates must be locked upon leaving.  If not secured, Renter will be held responsible.

11.  Access to Clubhouse is permitted only during contracted times listed on signed rental agreement.

12.  In case of emergency contact the Director of House & Grounds, Fayleen Harmon 818-259-2866.

13.  If event is cancelled on or before two (2) weeks of event deposit will be refunded.